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This year is the 80th birthday of the inauguration of Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s foremost research institution and the center of academic excellence on the island of Taiwan.

In celebration of this auspicious occasion Academia Sinica is bringing together Presidents of National Academies and academic leaders from all over the world to take part in a scholarly exchange of ideas centering on the topic:

“The Roles of the Academies in Creating a Better World”

We at Academia Sinica firmly believe that, as national seats of learning, the major academies of the world have a duty and responsibility to actively work together to create a better future for humanity. It is important that leaders work in close cooperation and harmony on behalf our collective future.

During the three-day gathering from December 6th to 8th, 2008, our esteemed speakers and participants will engage lectures centering around three discussion topics:

Discussion Topic 1:
How should modern science academies be structured to best drive knowledge-based development?

Science and technology are rapidly changing our world as never before. In the knowledge-based economies of the 21st century, the leading academies of the sciences, as centers of excellence, are obliged to assume more responsibility in shaping a better future for humanity.

Discussion Topic 2:
How can academies of different types best contribute to this effort?
Human societies have benefited enormously from advances in science and technology during the last century. But poverty and hunger still stalk humanity. Nation-state based competition still prevents science and technology from serving humanity better. Only through a close cooperation among the scientific communities of the highly industrialized nations and developing nations can the benefits of science and technology be equitably shared.

Discussion Topic 3:
How can the scientific community contribute to solutions to environmental problems?

Our concern for the environment cannot be overstated. No leader of the international scientific community can avoid responsibility for this urgent issue. What role can science and technology play in assuring sustainable development, knowing the facts that today’s problems are global and can not be solved by any single country and by scientists alone? How can human well-being be enhanced and our environment preserved for future generations?

As well as participating in formal lectures speakers and participants will have ample opportunity for informal discussion and exchange of ideas during a banquet, several tours and other less formal activities arranged as part of the celebration.

We sincerely hope that this rare meeting of some of the most prominent thinkers of our time will spawn new perspectives and cooperation and contribute to prosperity, harmony and academic responsibility during the 21st century.

Profile of Invited Guests
Dr. Steven Chu
Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Ralph J. Cicerone
President, US National Academy of Sciences
Dr. Tariq S. Durrani
Vice President, The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland
Dr. David Fegan
Senior Vice President, Royal Irish Academy

Dr. Yvan Guindon
President, RSC: The Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada

Dr. Mohamed Tarek Hussein
President, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt
Dr. Masaaki Kubo
President, The Japan Academy

Dr. Kurt Lambeck
President, Australian Academy of Science

Dr. Guy Laval
Foreign Secretary, French Academy of Sciences

Dr. Yuan T. Lee
President Emeritus, Academia Sinica
Dr. Lamberto Maffei
Vice-President, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
(Italian National Academy of Sciences)
Dr. R. A. Mashelkar
Former President, Indian National Science Academy

Prof. József Pálinkás
President, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Young-sik Park
Vice-president, National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea

Dr. GŁnter Stock
President, Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities

Dr. M. Vijayan
President, Indian National Science Academy

Dr. Menahem E.Yaari
President, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

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