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Three elements are incorporated into the Academy Presidents’ Forum Logo: the turtle plastron, the Emblem of Academia Sinica, and the colors yellow and green.

The turtle plastron symbolizes Academia Sinica’s commitment to the scientific discoveries made in its 80 year history. The plastron is of special significance to Academia Sinica as it was one of a huge number of oracle bone pieces excavated by the Institute of History and Philology in Henan Province, China starting in 1928. The Institute is among the first institutes of Academia Sinica which was established in the same year. The excavated pieces, mostly ox scapulae and turtle shells or plastrons with divinations on them, provide the earliest evidence of the Chinese writing-system and are believed to be at least 3000 years old.

Since moving to Taipei in 1949, Academia Sinica has developed into a modern research institution covering most academic research domains. The Emblem of Academia Sinica therefore comprises three pictorial elements: the double helix represents the life sciences, the atomic model symbolizes mathematics and physical sciences, and the oracle-bone scriptures represent the humanities and social sciences. These three divisions compose the research domains of Academia Sinica.

The main colors of the Logo, yellow and green, stand for the earth and sustainability. We believe that a better world can be created only by achieving harmony between humankind and nature. We also believe that major academies around the world are obliged to assume more responsibility in promoting sustainable development. It is the ideal of the Forum that, through cooperation among scientific and technological communities of different countries and regions, human well-being will be enhanced and our environment preserved for future generations.

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